Dawson, Peter (1882–1961)


Peter Dawson

Baritone Peter Dawson, born in Adelaide, Australia, was one of the most prolific recording artists of the early twentieth century. In a career that lasted from 1904 until the mid-1950s, he made thousands of recordings, mostly for His Master’s Voice, and is said to have sold more than 25 million discs throughout the English-speaking world. He recorded under his own name and under numerous pseudonyms, using the name “Will Strong” for Music Hall recordings and “Hector Grant” for Scottish-flavoured items. He often imitated the great Harry Lauder, about which Sir Harry was less than amused. Among his most famous songs were Navaho; Boots; Route Marching; and Cells (the latter three with words by Rudyard Kipling).

Dawson is known to have recorded two Fred Godfrey songs: Meet Me, Jenny, When The Sun Goes Down (Zonophone 50, 1908), under the pseudonym “Hector Grant,” and Open Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In (HMV B-1166, 1921), under the name “Will Strong.”



Meet Me Jenny When The Sun Goes DownListen to Peter Dawson, as “Hector Grant,” singing Meet Me, Jenny, When The Sun Goes Down (1908)